The Wella hair color is usually brown color lies between dark and light. Wella Hair Color Chart has different shades from dark to light or light to dark. Dark shades are suited only to warm skin tones and generate a gorgeous brightened appearance for your skin texture. If you wanted to live up to stand then you use dark Wella hair color. According to the Wella hair color chart,

we observe the dark brown color. The Wella hair color shade is so delicious, they evoke all the best foods. The color creates dimension and makes your hair cool. The Wella hair color is the best hair color for your skin tone and eye color. All the most popular colors are present on the Wella hair color chart.

Hair Color Ideas From The Wella Hair Color Chart

15 ideas from the Wella hair color chart

  Wella Hair Color Chart

1: Light ash blonde:

Light ash-blond hair brighter shade with a grey-ash undertone. This ashy blond looks gorgeous in almost all-natural hair. The cooler hue is used to move from dark ash to light. Everyone has an underlying warm pigment to achieve now light you want it to be. It is more difficult for the stylish to lift or lighten the strands. Everyone enjoys this color and makes their life colorful. The exciting shade of ashy hair color made a dimension.

Light ash blonde

2: Light blonde:

Light blond is a versatile hair color that suits a range of skin tones in the Wella hair color chart. If you want a natural color or perfect shade then mix it with omber and bleach then this color is achieved. When you are always had dark hair like jet black or brown, going blond may seem frightening. Light blond hair color is a definite way to change your look.

 Light blonde

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3: Light golden blonde:

In Wella hair color chart golden hair color is a multi-tonal lie between honey and buttery blond. With warm comfortable riches in your hair, you always have fun with golden hues. Proper care is needed to draw out a golden blond shine. This color avoids damage. When you style your tresses with waves. This gleaming shade can make your skin smolder and make it lighter.

Light golden blonde

4: Beeline honey color:

This medium honey blond shade has a warm, golden tone that adds affection to your overall look. This color lies between fair and medium skin tones. This color adds a facet and locks with a honey-flaxen underscore. This color is the most attractive and most used by Wella hair color customers.

Beeline honey color

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5: Medium champagne:

When a blond color mixed with a cooler tone produced champagne. In Wella hair color chart The blond, brunette, red and black colors are those which change slightly in to appear different tones. This color enhances hair color or changes it entirely. This color helps us to find a particular range easily. It can give you a natural look and make your personality. This color inspired you and makes you charming and attractive. It is simple and much more versatile. It usually works as a brunette and blonde. Its soft creamy color has a peach undertone. All you need to know about champagne is dreamy.

Medium champagne

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6: Butterscotch hair color:

Butterscotch hair color is the most important color on the Wella hair color chart. They also happen to be the inspiration for a gorgeous hair color ideal. The butterscotch lies between a pulsating blend of light and yellow blonds. The mix of colors gives depth and dimension to all types of hair. If using a yellow flash or filtered flash there is a possibility of color variation. Its color makes you a great personality. It also increases the intensity of the blond and makes your hair shiny.

Butterscotch hair color

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7: Light cool brown:

The light cool brown hair overlooks the classic In Wella hair Color Chart. In fact, medium brown is one of the most versatile shades out there. It gratifying for all skin tones. It looks beautiful and gorgeous if you apply this color. We have to infuse the brunette with a dimension range from the shade of honey, chestnut, and orange tones. The light color imitates more light which makes your hair brighter. I think anyone can wear this color.

Light cool brown

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8: Light brown hair color:

Light brown hair is one of the classiest hair colors you can find in the Wella hair color chart and is definitely to never go out of fashion. It shines brightly in those and is flattering for all people of all different skin. Choose to wear light brown color to make your personality. And you can achieve the perfect light brown shade for you.

Light brown hair color

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9: Light golden brown color:

For everyone who wants to stay a brunette with extra tenderness, a range of golden brown hair color shades can cheer up up your look. The brown color adds a gorgeous look to you. This color attracts others toward you. Celebrities usually this color to dance in the party.

: Light golden brown color

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10: Chocolate brown hair color:

The chocolate color is more classic in nature. It gives a gorgeous look it lies between the light and dark golden. If you have a warm undertone or skin then this color makes your look even richer. It makes you a beautiful woman. Its color is only for girls because it makes its life colorful.

Chocolate brown hair color

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11: Dark golden brown color:

The golden brown color lies between brown and light blond. It is a great way to lighten up your hair. The golden brown color adds a shiny overcoat to your hair. By using this color your beautiful face look brightened. It gives a natural look and adds a dimension to your hair or makes then shiny. The golden color is one of the favorite colors of people.

 Dark golden brown color

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12: Medium ash brown:

The medium ash brown hair color shades are for anyone who wants to be a pure brunette. Its skin looks elegant in the darkroom. The ash brown color can also attract others who use this color in your life. The medium ash color is blended with the cool grey tones.

Medium ash brown

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13: Reddish blonde:

Red-brown hair color is perfect for everyone. The reddish-brown hair blend is lies between the red and brown color. The brown shades such as chestnut, auburn, etc. the rich color can brighten and freshen up your skin. The red and brown combination is never endless.

Reddish blonde

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14: Light auburn color:

The dark auburn color gives a deeper vibe but the cool color is also a great choice if you do not want to go for a restrained look and are aiming toward a light. The auburn gives you a heavy autumn vibe. It makes your life happy.

Light auburn color

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15: Medium auburn hair color:

The medium auburn is the best choice if you wish to give yourself a natural look. This one looks especially good on those with a pottery skin tone. It makes you gorgeous.

Medium auburn hair color

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What do the numbers on Wella hair color mean?

wella hair color travels from 2 to 10 on the color chart. It travels from dark to light.

How do I choose the right hair color for my hair?

We have covered a lot of colors and researched some of the best colors to find out which color looks best on you, you can read this blog for that.

Will Wella 12a lighten hair?

This is a high lift color that will lighten your hair and lift it up a notch.

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