If you are anxious to change your look, then changing your hair color is the best way. Some people do not like to change their haircut because this has long time effect on their faces. But changing the color of your hair, which is not permanent, is impressive. It is because you can easily change the color whenever you want. This hair color helps your hair to look great without any long time commitment.

For getting non permanent, temporary, semi-permanent, and realm color, you just need to contact a stylist. Non Permanent hair color provides you to look great rather than changing the natural color of your hair. These hair colors do not have bleach in them. They do not modify the actual color of your hair; they coat only the outer surface of your hair. 

Non Permanent hair color

Advantages of using Non-Permanent Hair Color

Temporary pigments are deposited on the surface of hair skin by using non permanent hair color. After almost ten shampoos, these temporary pigments are faded. This hair color is ideal because it lasts for some days to enjoy the new look of yourself. The striking thing about this hair color is that it does not last for such a long time. If you hate this color, you can easily change the hair color; this is not the end of the world. And if you feel that you do not want this hair color to last for some days, you can easily change the hair color. In the market, there are hair colors that are washed out only after one shampoo. 

Advantages of using Non Permanent Hair Color

To have bold and according to fashion shades, non-permanent hair color is the best. There are large numbers of natural hair colors that are available. The interesting fact about this hair color is that it does not damage the hair. It means that this hair color is for the person who always wants to change their hair color.

Best Non Permanent Hair Colors

1. L’Oreal Colorista semi-permanent Hair Color

This hair color is available in almost 50 shades. You can easily choose the color which you want. This hair color is guaranteed as it is ammonia-free. This hair color looked good on blonde, brunette, bleached and red hair. This hair color lasts for almost four to twelve shampoos. This hair color is so gentle, and it is also affordable.

2. John Frieda Refreshing Gloss

This refreshing gloss helps your new shade to be more vibrant. It also helps the hair color to last for a long time. It becomes extraordinary with the gloss treatment that boosts the color of your hair. This refreshing gloss can be used after one week so that your color remains vibrant and rich. It gives you the great shade that you need. The refreshing mask works in only three minutes.

3. Celeb Luxury Color Giving Shampoo+ Conditioner

This hair product is so good that you get the color in your hair when you give shampoo to your hair. Color is only because of the presence of amino acids in the shampoo. It helps to get vibrant shades that last for a long time. With the help of shampoo, it is the easiest way of getting hair color. You have to do the regular shampoo. This shampoo and conditioner not provide even conditions and shampoos the hair, but it also gives a fierce color to the hair. 

4. At Ultra, Lime Crime Unicorn Semi-permanent Color

This hair color is great for people who have bold hair colors. This hair color is cruelty-free and vegan. The specialty of this hair color is that it comes in almost 19 rainbow shades to experiment with the hair color. 

5. Robin Shade Variation Care Mask

This hair mask is beneficial in moisturizing the strands of hair. The hair mask also helps the hair to get layered color in your whole hair. 

6. Overtone coloring of hair conditioners

Overtone has made color conditioners. These color conditioners are best for golden brown hair. This type of hair color does not need bleach before coloring. This color conditioner is available in a line of seven different colors. This conditioner brightens up dark brown, medium brown, and even deep brown hair color.

7. Maria Nila Color Refresh

This color refresher is the best vegan, and it is non-permanent. You can quickly refresh the color of your hair. This hair color is cruelty-free; it means that it does not damage the hair. The hair product has almost 15 unique shades. These 15 shades give a mixture of neutral and brighter options. In this color refresh, two sizes are available. This hair refresher also allows you to select the intensity of color that you want. You can leave this color refresher for three to ten minutes, according to your choice. 

8. IGK Amaro 

IGK Amaro

IGK Amaro is the spray that helps your hair to get the color you want. These highlights are non-permanent. The spray helps your hair get the fake highlights—these last until you do the next shampoo. The one disadvantage of this hair spray is that it does not last for a long time; if you can go for some days without washing your hair, that a fantastic solution. 

9. Keracolor Color+ Clenditioner

Keracolor is a colored conditioner. You can efficiently pump your current hair color with this conditioner. This hair conditioner gives you a color that lasts for almost 15 shampoos. This conditioner has keratin that increases the softness and strength of your hair. This conditioner provides you with 13 shades. These shades are most vibrant and natural. 

10. dpHue Gloss+ non-permanent color with a good conditioner

To brighten up your look, you can use this semi / non permanent hair color gloss. This gloss gives your hair a subtle tint of color. This hair color gives a natural effect to your hair. This color is available in almost 11 shades. Gloss also conditions your hair deeply. 

When you are Getting Non Permanent Hair Color, What You Should See;

  • The hair color should be bleach-free.
  • It would be helpful if you inquired about how long the color can last. 


What is the best semi permanent hair color to use?

Well, there are many brands operating in the market but we will suggest you Clairol semi permanent hair color

What can I use instead of permanent hair dye?

If you are serious about the health of your hair then we will not allow you to use permanent hair color because future hair color will damage the hair. We suggest you temporary hair color or semi-permanent hair color

What is the least damaging hair dye technique?

Use temporary hair color or semi-permanent hair color to protect your hair from any damage. Use any hair color that does not use a developer, is ammonia-free,

What unnatural hair color stays in longest?

Brown hair color stays longer in the hair because of its molecular structure.

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