Level 5 hair color is a term, that is used for medium brown color. This hair color can also refer to medium bold red shades. The underlying tone of this hair color is red but the corrective tone of the level 5 hair color can be green i.e. matte. This hair color is one of the most common natural colors that are present in the world. But this hair color most commonly shows up in the dyes of the box.

Level 5 Hair Color

Level 5 hair color can look great on anyone with a mixture of hair colors from level 2 to level 7. If you get a hair color in brunette depth can also result in unwanted red tones. But this unwanted hair color can be neutralized with the help of corrective green or matte. You can also neutralize the product of color depositing.

Level 5.5 hair color is a term that is used for light brown or medium brown hair. This color is a common natural color but this color is not common as box dyes like a large number of half shades. This hair color can look great on anyone by mixing it with level 2 to level 7.5 hair color.

What Does the Level System Mean in Hair Color?

The level system of hair color tells about the lightness and darkness of hair color. The levels commonly vary from 1 to 10. But some hair colors also go up to the level of 12. This is not a fact that all color lines give a constant color as a result. In one color i.e. level 5; there can be different shades, unlike light brown hair color. These shades can be in the form of

• Level 5 ash blue tones

• Level 5 neutral tones

• Level 5 red/copper tones

• Level 5 purple/ red (violet) Tones

So, if you are going to your hairstylist, you should trust her. The letters in the hair color name represent the exact shade of color. For example, if a hair color is names 5R means level 5 red. Some of the hair colors do not describe by the use of letters. They use numbers to represent a specific color. This thing is beneficial as these hair color numbers become universal and do not confuse anyone.

 hair color level chart for Level 5 Hair Color

In hair colors, the level system is very important. This is actually everything. If I want to do hair color, I will first check the level of natural hair color. This thing satisfies me to do the hair color which I desire. Level 5 hair color is the most common in women as women want to get a natural hair color. And this hair color which is light brown in color is very natural. The level of your hair color tells about the shade of different types of hair color.

Underlying Pigments in Hair Color

In level 5 of the hair color, underlining pigment is the warmth lie. In this case, if you are coloring your hair with a level 5 hair color and you want to lighten the color, the color of your hair will become orange. The same thing goes for if you want to darken the level 5 hair color, the orange color will be replaced. The light brown hair color will become blonde. The whole process of doing this is called filling. The hair colors also changed when we go down in the hair color level or if we go upward in the levels of hair color.

Going Up in the Levels of Hair Color

If we go up in the levels of hair color i.e. level 5, then our hair will get lightened. If your hair is virgin, then you can do a semi-permanent hair color to a few levels. Every hair color is very different. That hair that has been colored previously cannot be colored with permanent hair color. To lighter the hair, bleach should be used. If you want to highlight your hair, then level 5 must be used.

Going Down in the Level of Hair

If you go down to level 5 of hair color, your hair must be darkened. While maybe this looks like it is easy to work but many problems arise if you do not have experience. You must consult with a stylist which has experience in doing hair coloring. If you only want a very dark hair color, you can apply filters to your level 5 hair color. But you should be careful with the amount of filler.

The amount of filler should not be too much so that the altering of the desired tone can be avoided. The hair color depends on the desired shade that you want. If you want to apply level 5 hair color which is red, red-violet, and red-cooper in color. Once this color is applied, then processed, and then rinsed off.

Let’s play with level 5 hair color

Hair colors with different shades can be used by mixing. Once you have chosen the hair color for example level 5. Then you can choose the second hair color that will give a different shade to light brown hair color. The other hair color determines the shade of level 5 hair color. If you want to get a hair color of level 5 that has a tone of .1, then you will get the lightest color of brown. If you want to get the darkest color of brown then you can get this by using the upper level of hair color. There are many hair shades of level 5. These hair colors vary from brown to red and then purple.

In level 5 hair color, you can color your hair from blonde to brown and red to rainbow. In all the colors of your hair, you can highlight the frosted tips of your hair. Level 5 hair colors with highlights look amazing. Level 5 hair in ash brown color looks amazing with the mixture of level 6 Iridescent Gold. A person who is doing hair styling and coloring your hair, that person should be experienced and an expert. The hairstylist also requires a license to do hair coloring.

The Best and Recommended Level 5 Hair Color Products

For level 5 hair color we have selected some of the products that will work best for your hair and are the hair professional’s choice. Well, there are thousands of products in Level Five hair color, but our team has selected some of the best products that will work best for your hair and won’t harm your hair health.


Is Level 5 a medium brown?

This is a medium brown hair color that contains golden tones so it can be called medium golden brown.

How do I know my hair level?

Separate a section of your hair from the rest of your hair and hold it and compare it on the hair color level chart. The level at which your hair color matches on the chart will be the same level as your hair color, so you can easily find out your hair color level.

Level 5 Hair Color

Which hair Color is the most attractive?

According to research, 27% of men like and are attracted to women with blonde hair, while 23% of women like to dye their hair blonde. I have seen very few people gravitate towards red and other vibrant colors.

What level is yellow hair?

Levels 8 to 10

How to tone level 5 orange hair?

The Purple shampoo helps to neutralize the effect of yellow hair color.

What is a Level 5 in hair?

Level 5 hair color is generally considered medium brown or light brown.

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