Jennifer Aniston is an American businesswoman, producer, and actor. This American actress always starts a trend in hair colors. Jennifer Aniston hair color becomes the talk of the town whenever she changes the color of her hair. Jennifer Aniston Hair Color was always fascinating from when she was not even an actress or anything else. Before becoming a film star, her hair color was always covetable. Her vibrant color of hair, such as honey blonde tresses, was very famous which keeps her stylish and versatile. She always keeps reading about the perfect shades of hair color.

Blonde Hair Color of Jennifer Aniston

There was a color called blonde; this hair color was Jennifer Aniston’s favorite. However, this isn’t easy to copy the hair color of this actress because her hair color is a complex mixture of many shades. The base of this hair color is light-colored brown, and this color is highlighted with the help of golden blonde highlights. At the lower parts of the hair, the highlights are light in color, and these highlights remove the slight color and then turn this color into a baby blonde hair color. This hair color gives many-dimensional shades that make her unique and perfect.

This hair color is excellent as it provides a fantastic look for different types of skin tones. If you are tan like the people of California, you will surely rock this hair color of hers. But if your skin tone is very fair or you have a dark color, then maybe you do not look that great.

 Jennifer Aniston Hair Color

If you want to get this type of hair color, such as golden and light brown hair color with highlights, you should consult with your colorist and ask for this type of hair color. Jennifer Aniston mostly gets the color of her hair from Justin Anderson. He is a colorist at the salon of Chris McMillan; this hairstylist uses L’Oreal Professional Richesse Coloration in 6N and 8.3, 5.99$.

This hair color is great to get the golden blonde shade and vibrant color. This hairstylist also uses Paul Michell Shines 9Y, $10, so that her hair gets the perfect glossy shine. In this hair color, getting highlights is also very necessary. The actress always highlights that face-framing and then captures the accentuation and light for the features of her face. Those highlights, which are lighter near the front, make the look great sun-kissed.

Finishing of Blonde Hair Color

This blonde hair color of Jennifer Aniston is excellent only when you know how to style this hair color. Most hairstyle of Aniston is straight that is mostly styled with waves. This hairstyle makes her look like how she is known. Mostly, she looks like a wandering girl on the red carpet.

Jennifer’s Love for Living Proof Product

Living-proof products are Jennifer’s, first love. Primarily she uses these products to give remarkable shine and body to your hair. Firstly, she starts with doing shampoo Living Proof which costs almost 59 dollars. She also keeps hydrating her hair with the help of Living Proof Full Conditioner which costs 59 dollars. These hair products are very lightweight and help the hair color shine bright and add the body to the hair.

When she has just done the shampoo, and her hair is wet, she also uses Living Proof Thickening Mousse on the upper part of the hair. This hair product cost 27 dollars, and it makes the hair color feel fuller. Finally, before blow-drying her hair, she also uses Living Proof No Frizz Weightless Styling Spray for 37 dollars. This hair product is especially to remove frizz and makes her hair shine very bright.

After coloring her hair, she finishes the look with the help of a Living Proof Amp Instant Volumizer that costs 25 dollars. This volumizer boosts the texture of your hair. If you want hair color like Jennifer Aniston, you have to follow her hair color routine and use hair color products. When you copy all her steps, you will get her type of hair color and be capable of copying her trendy hairstyles.

Jennifer Aniston Gets Her Hair Color after Five WEEKS

As we all know, hair color is what people used to do after taking a break or once a week, but the specialty of her hair color is that she gets her hair color after every five weeks. So, she remains in the spotlight whenever she changes the color of her hair. Canale is the personal hairstylist of Jennifer Aniston. Aniston told about her hair color routine of the actress by saying that “we refresh the color of her hair after every five weeks.

If we see something needs to be fixed,” Canale also talks about the hair color that she had adopted because of her role in the movie. The movie was called Dumplin, and in this movie, her hair color was blonder than the average hair color. So, it means that; she could easily change the color of her hair because of every little reason.

Canale also tells her hair color always seemed natural. The “Rachell” was also the favorite hair color that she gets mostly. The Rachell is the hair color style, and this hair color is like getting highlights that are not near the roots. She does not wear a single color, and she always mixes different hair colors that turn out to be great. The highlights are just like the natural way, and it looks like your hair is grown naturally like this. Chris McMillan was the one who started the Rachell hairstyle in the ’90s. This hairstylist still cut the hair and color her hair. In 2002, this actress got bold blonde highlights at the 57th anniversary of NCB.

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