Clairol is known for making semi-permanent hair colors. It is a well-known company that works on a variety of Clairol semi permanent hair colors and which means they make their products ammonia-free. If you are worried about the health of your hair and you want to color your hair without any damage, then this hair color will be perfect for you. Because its semi-permanent color does not use developer and is ammonia free, it does not harm the health of the hair and you can get the best-colored hair for a limited period of time.

Clairol Semi Permanent Hair Color

The semi-permanent hair color of Clairol is ammonia-free. There is a new crème formula by Clairol by which we can get a healthy and shiny color. This whole process is done with the help of 80% organic products. The new non-drip crème formula of Clairol is very easy to apply.

If you want to get Clairol semi permanent hair color, you can follow three easy steps. The first step is to prepare the color mixture. The second step is to apply the color mixture and the third step is to finish the whole procedure.

Process of doing Clairol semi permanent hair color


You should take an old towel so that your clothes are protected. Put gloves on your hand. Put the mixture from one bottle to another. Then shake the bottle until the mixture is exactly blended. 

Clairol Semi Permanent Hair Color


You should start at the roots and apply the hair color to all your hair and let the hair dry. The color is applied to unwashed and dry hair. Firstly make ½ inch parting in your unwashed and dry hair with the help of an applicator tip. Then apply the hair color to all your new growth hair roots for full saturation. The requirement of time is more for new hair growth.

While coloring your hair, you should not color the ends to protect the ends from over-processing. Then leave the mixture of colors for 15 minutes. Then apply all the other mixture to your remaining hair. You can also develop for extra 5 minutes. You can apply the hair color for 20 minutes. 

Clairol Semi Permanent Hair Color


After the completion of the time interval, wash your hair until the water becomes clear. Then you can apply a color treat conditioner. The amount of this conditioner is almost quarter-sized. Leave this conditioner for 2 minutes and then wash your hair. The remaining conditioner can be used once a week after doing shampoo.

The professional helpline of Clairol


A line set up between customers and them is open from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm from Monday to Friday. On weekends this communication setup opens from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. This schedule is according to Eastern Time.

Clairol Semi Permanent

Semi-permanent means that it can usually last almost for 6-8 washes. This means that this hair color is not permanent as you can change the hair color whenever you want. This hair color does not affect the real color of your hair. The semi permanent hair color of Clairol is enriched with jojoba, Aloe Vera, and vitamin E so that the hair color lasts for a long time. These substances also help the hair to get deep conditioning results and it is resistant to fade. Clairol hair color also provides natural-looking hair that shines 45 % more than before.

What makes Clairol semi permanent hair color so special

  • Clairol semi permanent hair color is filled with Aloe Vera vitamin E and jojoba oil.
  • It has a rich and indulgent color boost that revitalizes the hair. The hair color is so gentle that you can use it instantly after a relaxing time.
  • The special thing about this color is that it leaves your hair moisturized. 
  • The clairol hair color also blends the grey color very efficiently.

There are different types of colors that Clairol provides.

We have handpicked some of the best brands here and are providing you with Amazon links to them so that you can easily choose your colors.

1. Clairol Root Touch-Up Semi-Permanent Hair Color Blending Gel

This hair color is not permanent. This will blend easily with the leading shades. Even this color can easily blend with the salon color for 100 percent gray shade. 

2. Clairol Concealing powder i.e. temporary root touch-up

Coverage of temporary roots blends easily with your hair color which is existing in the present. This can cover the gray color in just 10 seconds. This hair color is available in almost 6 shades.

3. Blending gel i.e. semi permanent color

This hair color is very easy to use. There is no mixed gel formula that comes to apply with its applicator brush. The reusable formula has each application that blends with a grey color for almost 10 washes. This hair color is ammonia-free, damage-free, and peroxide-free hair color. To extend the life of your hair, apply this color to roots, temples, and hairline. This process is very simple as you just have to apply, wash your hair, and then let it dry. 

4. Temporary color refreshing spray 

This spray can discard the grey color in seconds. This spray extends the life of your hair color. This spray looks natural and it has grey coverage which is water-resistant. This spray lasts until you do the next shampoo. You can just spray on your hairline and roots. 

Clairol hair color level chart

Clairol hair color level chart
  • B22D Level 1. The name of this hair color is Jet Black.
  • B20D Level 1. The name of this hair color is Black.
  • B15W Level 2. The name of this hair color is dark Warm Brown.
  • B175W level 3. The name of this hair color is Wine brown
  • B18D Level 2. The name of this hair color is Darkest Brown.
  • B40W Level 3. The name of this hair color is Amethyst.
  • B12D Level 3. The name of this hair color is Medium Ash Brown
  • B13W Level 3. The name of this hair color is Medium Warm Brown.
  • B17W level 3. The name of this hair color is Rosewood brown.
  • B14W Level 4. The color of this Clairol product is Cedar Red Brown.
  • B08D Level 4. The color of this Clairol product is Cedar Light Ash Brown.
  • B09W Level 4. This is light Reddish Brown in color as it is semi- permanent.
  • B11W Level 4. The name of this hair color of Clairol is Honey Brown.
  • B30W Level 7. The name of this hair product is 14K Gold.
  • B01N Level 7. The name of this hair color is Champagne.

To get any color of broad we are providing an amazon link for your convenience you can visit the Clairol store and choose any color you like.

Get product recommendations by answering a few questions

The Clairol semi permanent hair color usually lasts for almost 6-8 washes. The permanent hair color lasts until you do the recoloring next time. Blonding and highlighting help you to look the best. Hair Color 101 is a semi permanent hair color from the professional of Clairol. You can do Clairol hair coloring after almost 6 weeks so if you like the color you can add the same color for touch-ups. After doing Clairol natural instincts semi permanent hair color, do not shampoo your hair. You just have to wash the hair and then apply the conditioner.

This fact only applies to semi permanent hair color. This thing will allow your hair to absorb the hair dye. You can use this color on grey hair only when the hair is porous and fine. The Clairol hair color will blend the grey color for a short interval of time; this is because semi permanent hair color does not last for a long time.


How long does Clairol semi permanent color last?

Its large and small color molecules help penetrate the hair surface. It also depends on your hair type and some colors start to fade after each shampoo but most keep between four and eight shampoos. Real semi-permanent hair colors do not use a developer

What is the best semi permanent hair color to buy?

Clairol is recommended by most hair professionals. Here we will suggest you to use Clairol Semi-permanent hair color

Is Clairol semi permanent hair color safe?

The hallmark of good semi-permanent hair color is that it does not require the use of ammonia. Semi-permanent hair color does not require the use of any developer. It usually lasts from 4 to 12 shampoos, this kind of color does not damage the hair.

Does Clairol semi permanent wash out?

It usually lasts from 4 to 12 shampoos, this kind of color does not damage the hair.

What is the best semi-permanent hair color for GREY hair?

It usually depends on your hair type and hair color. but Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Permanent Hair Dye is recommended.

How often can I use Clairol’s semi-permanent hair color?

Semi-permanent hair color usually stays in the hair for between 3 to 6 weeks so it can be used every week and it won’t affect the health of the hair.

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