Doing hair color on your hair is so much fun. But the selection of color should be suitable for your skin tone. Black girls with colored hair look funky and amazing. If you put a line of red color in your hair, you can feel the fierce and warrior woman in yourself. If you have a dark complexion then you must try trendy hair colors. If you do not have thick hair, then coloring your hair will help you to hide your scalp that is been showing because of less volume of hair. You can also choose the right choice of hair color so that the hair color complements your skin tone.

Black Girls With Colored Hair

Some people think that black girls should not dye their hair as they look ugly. But this is not true; in fact, the black girl looks so good in colored hair. Black girls are always in difficulty finding out which color they should try. There are different types of hair colors that black girls should try. These hair colors will look amazing on them. These hair colors are as follows;

20 Hairstyles For Black Girls With Colored Hair

20 Hairstyles For Black Girls With Colored Hair

1. Blonde Highlights

For dark girls, the great way to enhance the beauty of their hair color is to get lighter highlights. The fact of black girls is that they have black hair as their natural color. So, if these girls get the blonde highlights near the face. This color will add a definition to the face of black girls.

 Blonde Highlights For Black Girls With Colored Hair

2. Metallic grey color

A black girl with metallic grey hair color looks fierce. This fact cannot be denied. The girl with grey hair color looks fierce. This hair color is the exact blend of boldness, edge, and courage. With this hair color, when a black girl uses the red lip color this combination is mind-blowing.

3. Dark roots and bleached blonde hair

This combination of hair colors is great. Dark roots in this hair color help the face to look long and the bleached hair at the endpoints give the shape to your mouth and eyes. If you paired this hair color with deep palm lip color, the black girl looks amazing.

4. Sahara Yellow

This hair color on black girls reminds me of the desert sand. The yellow color is very catchy to the eyes. As this hair color is very loud but there is a subtlety to this color that makes this color easy on the eyes.

5. Brown Blend

Brown Blend

This hair color is just like a mixture of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate. You just have to take this excellent mixture and throw it on your hair. This hair color on black girls makes you want to keep touching your hair.

6. Winter Colors

If you close your eyes and you are thinking about the cold night of winter. Maybe there will be a deep blue sky, snow, or a forest in your thoughts. This is about all the winter colors of dark girls. There is a specific word to describe this color as surreal.

7. Mermaid Hair

This hair color has deep shades of purple and green. This hair color has been inspired by mermaids which are sweet creatures. This hair color of black girls has feisty nature. This hair color really suits black girls.

8. Purple color with the shade of red

This is a fact that black woman loves purple color and shades of purple. The purple color is special for women and it also shows as a symbol of energy. This color defines the perfect definition of a woman. The red color adds more flavor to this hair color.

9. Full Red Highlights

The woman with red hair color shows her craziness of themselves. These women are independent. These hair colors never go out of fashion. It also looks great on a black woman.

10. Red Streaks

In the bob look, the red streaks look great. There are dark and bright red streaks that give hit-as-sauce look. This hair color looks amazing on black girls.

11. Purple Hair

Black women are known for their protective and experimenting hair color. These girls look crazy in different hair colors and these hair colors match their personalities. Purple color is one of them.

12. Bleached Blonde

This combination of grey eyes, red lips, and bleached blonde hair is killer. Black girls with colored hair can pair this hair color with leggings and a black sweatshirt.

 Bleached Blonde for black girls with colored hair

13. Jet Black

Black hair color is the one that never goes out of style. Black girls with colored hair tend to do jet-black hair. In this hair color, there is something mysterious about this hair color.

14. Coffee Topped with Chocolate

Black girls are addicted to coffee and chocolates. These girls love to have these colors. This hair color is mixed with chocolate and coffee color.

15. Purple Streaks

If you do not want to have full hair color, then you can get streaks. The purple color will show how it looks on black girls with colored hair. If you see that streaks do not look good, you can also color them back to your previous hair color.

16. Brown Rose Gold

The rose gold color looks excellent. This hair color is mixed with brown color and it absolutely looks beautiful. The curl on this hair color makes your face look slim. You can use pink lip color with this hair color, as this shade complements the hair color.

17. Orange with a Pink Start

This hair color on black girls looks like a vision of sunset. There is something so good about this hair color as you cannot look away from it.

 Orange with a Pink Start

18. Pink Tips

For black girls with colored hair, pink is a very strong color. This is a common fact that every woman likes pink color. This hair color gives amazing shades when you come in the sunlight.

19. Ginger hair

Black girls also like ginger hair. This hair color is the perfect mixture of red, brown, and hints of orange.

20. Cobalt Blue

Black girls love the blue color. This is because these girls think that this color is an indication of freedom which means you are limitless. You can color your hair cobalt blue and it indicated the fly and wings.


What hair colors look good on black girls?

It depends on your facial features and hair type and which hair color will look best on you. Read our blog to choose the best colors for black girls with colored hair.

Can a black girl dye her hair?

If a black woman has dark black hair, she may need to lighten it to balance it out before doing it.

What hair color looks good on black skin?

Well, there are many great colors for dark skin, but cool, ashy colors and dark brown shades like chocolate are the best colors for black skin.

What hair color is most attractive on a girl?

According to research, 27% of men like and feel more attracted to women with blonde hair, while 23% of women prefer to dye their hair blonde.

How do black girls take care of dyed hair?

Black girls can treat their colored hair with a good conditioner and a paraben-free shampoo. Moreover, we have selected some of the best shampoos and conditioners for you to protect your hair color, some of which are:

Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo

Leonor Greyl Paris Soin Repigmentant Color-Enhancing and Nourishing Conditioner

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