Your little daughter or sister is asking to get blue tips and pink streaks? You don’t have to worry about if hair color will be safe for hair or not because there are many options that you should try. We found the best 8 Temporary Hair Color For kids. These temporary hair colors are specifically designed for little girls, and will not damage your child’s strands. There is a famous saying about this hair color “if you are looking for easy and quick color, there are different options that you can try such as sprays, pastes, and chalks that you can use, and then you can easily wash the color in just one shampoo.”

Best Temporary Hair Color For kids
Temporary Hair Color For kids

Once you have decided on the color you want, you have to follow some specific instructions to ensure that you have the great and safest experience. You can also make sure the color can last only for some time. 

Best Temporary Hair Colors for Kids 

1. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Star Mist

Lime Crime Unicorn is the type of mist that sprays on your child’s hair to add sparkle, and it is magic. This hair mist has been packed with fantastic flecks of glitter, and it also ensures that it makes glimmer strands whenever the strands get the light. You should shake well before using this hair mist because the glitter has settled on the lower side. Treat the hair mist as hairspray, and you can also use it as the last touch. This mist comes in four shades and can be washed out after one shampoo. 

2. IGK Amaro Highlight Spray

To get the ombre highlights, IGK Amaro highlight spray is the best. If you want to get strands that look sun-kissed, you can use this spray by IGK Amaro. It has a warm shade that has a color equal to gold and copper, and it also helps your hair be bright in a matter of spritzes. If you are trying any temporary hair color for kids, you have to shield the mouth and face of your kid with the help of a towel. After protecting the mouth and look, you have to spray each section of hair very quickly.

To get a consistent color, you should place the can at length equal to arm from the hair and then pour this in small sections. The color which fades away in one shampoo can be dried very quickly. It does not make crunchy and sticky strands and can wash out after only one shampoo. 

IGK Amaro Highlight Spray

3. Got2B Temporary Hair Chalk

The exciting thing about this hair chalk is that it is very much precise. Using this hair chalk, you can easily color every targeted part and every section of your child’s hair that you want. You have to separate the area of one inch of your child and brush the hair. Before filling your child’s hair with chalk, this hair chalk ensures that there are not any tangles. Firstly, you should start from the upper part of the head and then go to the downward position of the hair at the tips before filling the inside coat of each element. You have to choose the color with a great mist of hair spray to finish the coloring process. 

4. Good Dye Young Temporary Hair Dye

If your child wants a hair color that lasts for slightly more time than another temporary hair color for kids, you can try this hair dye. This hair color is ammonia and peroxide-free, and it looks great on a young child. This hair color lasts for almost three to four weeks, and it also has a conditioning and creamy base that do not dry in less time. This hair color helps your children to have lasting hair color.

Before doing this hair color, you should do a patch test on your child’s head to ensure that your child has no allergy to different chemical products. If you want your child’s hair to look shiny and bright, firstly, you have to lighten the color of your child’s hair so that the hair color shines perfectly. 

5. L’Oreal Paris Colorista Makeup of Hair

Loreal Paris hair color has a squeeze-on and saturated color to get black and dark brown color. On your kid’s shoulder, you have to place the towel. To apply the hair color, you should use your fingertips on strands of dry hair. When the paint is first applied, it will be wet, but the stain will dry after some time. To finish the tint, you have to give your hair one shampoo.

6. Hawkko Colored Extensions

 Getting colored extensions is the easiest way of changing the hair color of children. For indecisive children, these colored extensions are the best. Every extension is almost 20 inches in length, and it is also combined with a little comb-like barrette that helps your children fix and open. The strands in these extensions are synthetic and are very soft and resistant to heat. This characteristic of hair color helps your child’s hair to quickly iron or curl. To get different shades, you can select blue or red. 

7. Jerome Russell Wild Color Spray

To get colored highlights, this wild spray is excellent. This color spray adds the most colorful streaks that are saturated. Eight colors are available in this hair spray. You can select from them such as blue, orange, green, neon pink, and white. On every section of a child’s hair that he/she wants to color, you have to apply the gel or mouse before spraying. By doing this, hair looks very bright.

8. MOFAJANG Wax Which is Hair Coloring

Before using this hair product, the hair of the child should be 80 percent dry. You have to start with a finger’s value of wax on every part that you want to color. More usage of wax leads to more powerful dryness of color. The Wax word is used because the hair coloring material has substantial texture. If we compare curly and natural hair with spreadable consistency and pigmented hair, hair color will win. Always, trying new hair color on children looks funky and cool.  


How can I temporarily dye my child’s hair?

If you want to temporarily dye your kid’s hair, you can get it in the form of a spray from any superstore. There are quite a few brands making temporary hair color for kids sprays in the market, some of which we have selected for you in this blog which you can read to get a clear guide.

Best Temporary Hair Color For kids

What is the best temporary hair dye for kids?

Well, we have chosen a lot of hair colors that can be perfect for your hair but out of all of them, we found Good Dye Young Temporary Hair Dye to be the best.

Can I dye my 7-year-old’s hair?

We recommend dyeing your children’s hair before puberty as it can be dangerous for them. If you still want to do this, consult a doctor. We recommend that your kid dye their hair for at least 16 years.

Is hair chalk safe for kids?

Yes, using chalk is the best temporary hair coloring method that is considered safe for hair. In the above article, we have mentioned chalk specially designed for kid’s hair.

Is there a temporary hair dye that washes out?

Temporary hair color fades in as little as one wash and is specifically designed to be taken from where and when desired.

Is temporary hair color spray safe for kids?

It depends on whether the product used is safe for your child or not, but spray hair dyes are generally considered safe for hair.

Is Manic Panic kid friendly?

No, Manic Panic Hair Color is designed for adults only, it is not suitable for use by children.

Can I dye my 8-year-old’s hair?

You should consult a doctor about this and do not use semi-permanent or permanent hair color in your children’s hair as it can prove dangerous.

Can I dye my 4-year-old’s hair?

Children’s skin is not suitable to tolerate any dangerous chemicals, so avoid using permanent hair color in children’s hair.It can react with children’s skin, so we do not recommend using permanent hair color. Temporary hair dyes that do not contain any dangerous chemicals that may react with children’s skin can be used with a doctor’s advice.

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