Best Permanent Hair Color | Permanent Hair Dye for long-lasting color

Everyone is always in wonder about the trendy hair colors. There is nothing great unless you go to the salon and switch the color of your hair. If you want to put fabulous Colors on your hair, such as blonde and brunette, you have to buy the best permanent hair color. The interesting fact about this color is that you can do this hair color at home. You can quickly try the new hair color without using money at the salon. The hair color can be dangerous if you do not have DIYed your hair before. After all, it is also a fact that this hair color is not the one that is washed out after going one shampoo. This hair color is not like temporary hair color. But these hair colors have their spark, especially when you want to get a specific hair color. You have to know about the right preparation and proper usage.

best permanent hair color

By interacting with the natural pigment of your hair, permanent hair color works to change the structure of your hair. In this hair color, there are tiny colorless molecules. In the hair cuticle, the pigment absorbs with the help of ammonia. The paint does not soak until the color mixed with hydrogen peroxide. This combination creates a chemical reaction called oxidation; with the use of this oxidation, magic happens.

Best Hair Colors are as follows;

1. Fade Defying Permanent Hair Color

This color gives luminous and super shiny color to your hair. The formula of this hair color gives your hair long-lasting color that fades after weeks and weeks.

Fade Defying Permanent Hair Color

2. Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color

Do you have grey hair? No problem. This hair color is specially designed to give triple protection to your hair and covers 100 % of grey color.

Excellence Crème Permanent Hair Color

3. Feria

Are you looking for shimmering and multi-faceted Colors? Feria gives your hair prominent highlights that give brilliant and intensified results.

Best Permanent hair color is not that which does not fade away. This hair color only lasts until your new hair grows. Approximately, this hair color lasts for just 4 to 6 weeks. The disadvantage of doing this hair color is that it also causes damage to your hair. This hair color also lightens the weight of your hair up to four levels. This hair color also fades away when the new hair starts growing. You have to give yourself some time so that you get used to this hair color.

 Feria hair color

How to Use

  1. The First Step; Protecting the Clothes: Before opening the box of hair color, you have to be prepared. It means that you have to take protection for clothes. You can also wear an old shirt not to get affected by getting minor hair color. If you do not want to wear the old shirt, you can cut a hole at the lower side of a garbage bag. This garbage bag is used at the pace of the head. After doing this, you have to cut two more holes so that your arms get the proper place. Maybe you feel that you are looking weird, but this will help to protect your clothes. For any accidental drip, you can also few garbage bags on the floor.
  2. Second Step; Protecting the Skin: If you are anxious for a good hair color that is permanent, you need to follow the steps. In this whole process, you should be careful about the coloring process not to give color to your skin. If you are avoiding the stain on your forehead, neck, and cheeks, you can paste the thick layer of petroleum jelly to all the areas that have come in contact with your hair. Petroleum jelly will act as a barrier that protects your skin from being colored.
  3. Third Step; Section the Parts of Your Hair : Section your hair and split the hair into more manageable and smaller parts. You have to test that how thick your hair is. The starting step should be coloring the small starting section that is hanging free. You can also use a claw clip so that the rest of your hair is secured.
  4. Fourth Step; Mix the Hair Color : In the kit of this hair color, you have to follow the instructions to mix the hair color easily. At this time, you must put rubber gloves on your hand.
  5. Fifth Step; Apply the Hair Color: The next step you have to do is to apply the color to dry hair. Apply the color according to instructions. You have to do the coloring process section by section. Before coloring, you should make sure that your hair is completely saturated.
  6. Sixth Step; Wait for Some time and Rinse : Once you feel that all your hair is fully coated, you have to wait for a specific time to develop hair color ultimately. When time is up, you have to shower and rinse your hair until the water that comes out is clear. There is no need to use the shampoo until the hair color instructor suggests.

The disadvantage of doing permanent hair color

Sometimes, hair color does not do well; it is because it has powerful chemicals that can damage the hair. By getting this hair color, you can also get dull and monochromatic hair that looks fake. The other disadvantage of having this hair is that it only covers the grey color of hair. People always look for the best permanent hair color to cover grey hair because this color covers grey hair with excellent efficiency. If you want to get a lighter tone of color, this hair color becomes brassy that does not look good. Whenever the color starts fading away, it seems like the brassy colored hair. There are certain chemicals in this hair color that change the color of your strands and pigments. This hair color lasts for almost 4 to 6 weeks, but it also depends upon the growth rate of your hair. If the growth rate is fast, then the color will fade fastly. But if the growth rate of hair is slow, then hair color will remove after a long time.

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